Trijicon Credo 2.5-10x 56mm Obj 38.30-10.20 ft @ 100 yds FOV 30mm Tube M


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Product Description

The Trijicon Credo® 2.5-10×56 riflescope is one of the most efficient light-gathering scopes in the Credo family. Its 56mm objective lens provides more exit pupil, improving low light performance. The illuminated MRAD Ranging reticle is available in either red or green, providing vital contrast against dark targets at dawn and dusk.

Customize this scope with turrets tailored to your unique ballistics and environmental factors. Custom-built turrets eliminate the need to convert clicks to distance, allowing you to range the target, dial to the correct yardage, and take the shot with confidence. Build your custom turret at the link below.



  • Weight: 3 lb

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