Big Bite Baits Swing Head 3/8oz


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Designed with a free swinging hook, the Big Bite Baits Gamakatsu Swing Head Jig features a unique pivoting connection between the hook and the jighead that will give your soft plastic baits an amazing free-floating, natural action.  Utilizing a football head shape with a flat bottom, the Swing Head Jig comes through cover with ease and always lands flat giving your bait a perfect presentation.  The Swing Head Jig also features a recessed line tie that helps the bait come through cover and protect your knot from abrasion.  It’s also backed by a Gamakatsu Superline EWG Offset Hook to ensure supreme strength and a phenomenal hook up ratio.  Big Bite Baits recommends rigging the Swing Head Jig texas-style to keep it weedless with your favorite creature or beaver-style soft plastic bait.  Built for power fishing, the Big Bite Baits Gamakatsu Swing Head Jig is made to cover water quickly and put more fish in the boat.

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