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For hunters that take scent control seriously, they know that it doesn’t make sense to treat clothes and gear for scent control and then touch it all with dirty hands. To avoid this, Scent-A-Way® MAX Foaming Hand Cleanser features active odor scrubbers that aggressively attract and attack a broad spectrum of odor sources.

This unique blend of odor eliminators and moisturizers leaves hands feeling fresh and not over-dried while being soothed with Aloe. Even better yet, the alcohol-free formula is kid-safe and cleans hands without adding a single drop of water.

Scent-A-Way® MAX 8oz (250mL) Foaming Cleanser is the perfect size to stick in a hunting pack or glove compartment for a hunting trip.

  • Odorless
  • Moisturizers leave hands feeling fresh
  • Aloe soothes hands
  • 8oz

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