Shimano TR1000LD Charter Speci Lever Drag/Level Wind Conv Reel


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Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Okay, that one was easy. But when trolling can you grab the rod, fight the fish and reel in your downriggers at the same time? Ah hah. That gets a little trickier. Sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to have a levelwind feature on your downrigging reels so all you have to think about is winding frantically. Nor does it hurt to have a solid, one-piece graphite frame, a large drag surface and your choice of lever drag on Shimano’s Charter Special or star drag on Shimano’s TRN. And you can even use both reels for light saltwater applications. Overall, it just makes the whole process a lot less complicated.

Shimano TR1000LD Charter Special Lever Drag/Level Wind Conventional Reel, 4BB, 4.3:1 Ratio, Alum Spool, Braid 40/410, 50/405, Mono 12/390, 14/330

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