Strike King KVD 1.5

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Designed to the exact specifications of angling legend Kevin VanDam. Perfect for shallow water and power fishing. The squarebill design and unique “hunting” action will constantly wander with erratic movement while still running true. It also deflects perfectly off cover to entice strikes. The KVD series of baits are designed with no internal rattles for a silent approach.

  • Unique action
  • No internal rattles
  • Dives 3-6′
  • 7/16oz

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Weight 1 lbs

Black Back Chartreuse, Bully, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Chili Craw, DB Craw, Firetiger, Neon Bluegill, Olive Shad, Orange Belly Craw, Phantom Watermelon Red Craw, Red Sexy Shad, Sexy Blueback Herring, Sexy Shad, The Shizzle, TN Shad, Wicked