Vmc Tokyo Rig 2pk


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As effective as it is versatile, the VMC Tokyo Rig pairs with an almost endless range of soft plastics and allows anglers to explore just as many types of terrain. Built around a solid, one-piece ring, the VMC Tokyo Rig features a heavy-duty wide gap hook with a 3-degree offset, which ensures solid hook penetration.

Along the bottom, the VMC Tokyo Rig features a wire form that is attached with a premium rolling swivel.  This non-terminated wire form allows anglers to simply apply the desired weight and bend the wire upwards to lock it in place. So whether you’re slipping it in and out of shallow grass, or methodically dragging it along deep ledges, the VMC Tokyo Rig offers easy customization, and a unique design that will undoubtedly fool discerning predators.

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Weight 1 lbs

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