Wildgame Innovations XC20B20-8 Rival Camera 18 IR Trubark HD, 42 IR Led’s, Silie


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Rival™ 20 MP Trail Camera (XC20B20-9) by Wildgame Innovations®. Illumination: Lightsout. Megapixels: 20. Put any rival against it, but the Rival™ 20 Lightsout™ trail cam will still come out on top. This trail camera showcases almost every premium upgrade Wildgame dreamed up at Wildgame Innovations: Silent Shield™ quiets camera operations, Tru-Dual Cams™ enhance day and night images and Adaptive Illumination™ adjusts with changing distances. While images and videos will look bright, the unit itself won’t. The 42 black infrared LEDs mask illumination to keep your camera location completely hidden. Simple user operations balance the advanced technology. The backlit LCD screen and dot matrix display make selecting your preferred settings quick and painless on the Rival 20 Lightsout. Also simple: setup. A new adjustable strap with alligator clips secure the unit in mere seconds.


Illumination: Lightsout™
Illumination Range (FT): 95
Illumination Type: 42 invisible black infrared LEDs
Megapixels: 20
Specialty: Dual Cameras
Trigger Speed: Less than 1/2 second
Video Resolution: 720p HD
Video Length: 15 seconds

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