Big Bite Baits 4″ COLLEGE CRAW


$2.99 - $3.49


Product Description

Whether you fish it on a jig, Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, or a finesse application, the Big Bite Baits College Craw is built for avid and die-hard tournament anglers alike to make sure you always have five at the weigh-in. Molded with a realistic body shape, small side appendages, and two large flapping arms, the Big Bite Baits College Craw generates a lifelike swimming action that isn’t overbearing for a natural look and presentation bass can’t resist. 

The Big Bite Baits College Craw is poured from an exclusive blend of soft plastic that provides a spongy feel and great durability to withstand multiple strikes from aggressive bass. It is also fortified with a heavy dose of Bite Juice to add another level of attraction and make fish hold on longer once they bite, giving you more time to set the hook. Offered in a selection of custom color combinations, the Big Bite Baits College Craw is sure to make a permanent home in your tackle box.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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