Rapala BX Brat 3/8oz





Product Description

You can send the Rapala® BX™ Brat to the corner for bad behavior, but it won’t stay there long. This brash, ill-tempered Balsa Extreme squarebill crankbait always comes out looking for a fight, and more often than not, it finds one. It absolutely cannot stay still, due to its super-buoyant balsa inner core armored with a rugged copolymer shell; every retrieve is incredibly aggressive, with a hard flashing, wild tracking attitude that seems to enrage every bass it encounters. You don’t even need to crash stumps – although that’s a great idea if there are some around — as the BX Brat’s errant swimming style provides plenty of kick-out moves on its own. Modified flat-side design with V-cut belly for perfect hook ride; fitted with #6 VMC® black-nickel round bend hooks.


  • Weight: 1 lb

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